Thursday, April 2, 2009

Outsider Hardcore

While I am reluctant to use the word "outsider" for anything, with its elitist connotations and classist assumptions, I can't seem to think of a better word for the phenomena I want to talk about. That phenomena is when hardcore music is so strange that even an acid-dropout with no punk background like myself likes it. I'm not talking about stuff that is just merely aggressive and psyched out at the same time here, like Sightings or Sword Heaven or Lightning Bolt or Coughs or AIDS wolf (although their most recent show at the Smell could have almost passed for a straight up hardcore band). I'm talking about those instances when hardcore is the goal. Sometimes from people that are entrenched in hardcore scenes and just happen to do it in a really inovative way or when weirdos that don't nec know a lot about hardcore do their best hardcore impression. Am I being demeaning yet? I tend to talk that way about things I love. Forgive me. Anyway, I'm finding myself in yet another phase of listening to a lot of stuff like this I thought I would share some links. If anyone has a better way of circling words around these bands, please comment!

[noise kids from Providence that rocked straight and pure but with the most atrocious sounding gear available.]

Deep Jew
[LA's answer to Dynasty?]

[troo cincinanti hardcore with gabber influence and noise exposure]
on tour now:

Slicing Grandpa's ("Le Hardcore" 7" only)
[seattle oldschool weirdos that did a tribute to hardcore recently... i cant find any music to share from this though, just buy it!]

Apathetic Ronald McDonald
[young kids from la's true backyard hardcore scene that do ridonculous shit]


  1. Dude, you gotta track down that "Golem" EP by FNU Ronnies once it comes out on Night People!

  2. Deep Jew live was a completely perfect mess. LA's answer to Dynasty, totally, who also were a mess live (I almost got my head nailed with a mic stand).

  3. Interesting shit. Thanks for the heads up.

  4. i tried to post a comment before, but check out Vitamin Piss and their offshoot band Skate Witches

    and CellBlock

    and the "Project Housing" tape comp

  5. I know I get what's meant by outsider hardcore. Maybe that term'll hold some traction, for better or worse?

    One could probably extend the idea of 'outsider hardcore' (outcore? ha!) back in time, especially to earlier this decade with early Black Dice and even 25 years ago with the almost-from-DC band Void. Per that one 'tribal history' of hardcore, the latter band were acid users, and their side of the split with Faith readily attests to that with its neato arty chaos.

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