Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Email from my mom

Subject: Time to make some changes?

Dear George,

It's passed mid-night. Thanks for sharing this link with me. Honestly, I hope you are not getting into more of these destructive and depressing music as if life is so nice and perfect that you need to add more trouble to it. Most of the people not even have time to pump up themselves with positive thoughts because life is very hard and depressing already. Some teenagers might like to find these music as outlet for their frustrations. However, the more you hear the more you would be trapped in the depression with these destructive sounds and images. How about classical music? Let me forward a link ( at the end of this email) to you that shows the research on studying the reaction of "water molecules". Think about our body is more than 90% in water and the earth is covered with water, you would be amazed and amused by what sound and image can do to a person. Please try to be close to sound of HARMONY after 37 years. It might add something more pleasant in your life for the rest of your journey.

See the differences in classical music and heavy metal. Can you imaging the effects in your body on cell level?


  1. WOW. I think something went wrong with my water molecules when I was born because pleasant soothing music is boring and/or intolerable to me and harsh irritating music is pleasing and makes me happy.