Monday, July 13, 2009

Forgotten Essentials Volume One

Alien Sex Fiend - "Ignore the Machine" 12" // ASF are ridiculous, beautiful creatures.  Taking a cue from Alice Cooper's live show and pushing it over the top with half the budget and you pretty much hit Bat Cave goth aesthetics on the head of the nail.  I can only imagine how terrifying they would have been to see live in their prime (mid-80's) but if I was able to get through it and not have nightmares I would be impressed with myself.  Dirty, hyped up spook minimalism and a commanding vocal performance is the formula for this single, easily one of their best.  You will hate this and then come to love this on the day you decided nothing else will put you in an awkward enough trance to get through the hours before bedtime.  Still wish I had snagged that autographed copy of "Now I'm Feeling Zombified" at Record City, which was probably the first goth song most of you heard while watching Beavis & Butthead many moons ago.

Hair Police - "Blow Out Your Blood" CD // I bet they hate this record, but it's their take on Negative Approach's live show on a burnt out, dubbed cassette.  "Obedience Cuts" is their best, but this is Hair Police at their most listenable (ha) and straight forwardly brutal.  Overblown pseudo-hardcore muck, like Siege or Deep Wound filtered through Masonna's mind.  

Honey Bane - "You Can Be You" 7" EP // She's adorable and caustic, spewing forth her feminist agenda at unsuspecting "punks" still stuck in old world gender roles.  She sounds 15, and probably was, but this is one of Crass Records' highlights, alongside singles from Zounds and Omega Tribe.  

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