Saturday, July 11, 2009

Strange Frames & Secret Tones

California Goth is alive and well.  It's all I think about, care about, dream about, and new bands come out of nowhere to some, but to anyone as depressed as I am you tend to not notice a lot of what's going around till it's completely unavoidable.  Secret Tones came into my life randomly via myspace.  They had no drummer but didn't really need one to begin with, as the songs seemed almost darker and awkward without beats nailing any sort of structure to the floor.  I hear little bits of the Cure at their best, Bauhaus at their most intense and Sonic Youth at their noisiest, and I thought I was the only one who thought goth and no wave should live happily ever after wrapped in each others arms and legs.  Check out "Soft Pulse".  Someone needs to release a vinyl by these beautiful, gifted beings.

Strange Frames features Rogers who played drums with my band for a while and does No Paws No Lions with the incredibly friendly Sam Woodson.  I feel like this band is what the Vanishing would have sounded like when they were 17 and "figuring themselves out".  There is a certain adolescent vibe I can't shake, and I don't mean that in an insulting way whatsoever.  Kids can be totally miserable too, right?  I just wonder who someone as happy as Rogers could be so sad, but said misery only needs to be achieved in short bursts as these songs don't last long.  Each one comes, cuts in and draws just enough blood to help Strange Frames get to their next victim.  Kind of like a mosquito, where Secret Tones are the tick that feeds till it bursts.

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