Monday, July 6, 2009

Tobias R's Featurette No. 3 - Kevin from TYVEK grills Timmy Vulgar of TIMMY'S ORGANISM

Besides giving Saddam Hussein the keys to the city in 1980, Detroit, MI is also known for producing high quality rock bands (See: The Stooges, MC5, The Gories, Frijid Pink, Alice Cooper, ? & The Mysterians) as well as having the highest speed limit in The United States of America and also for it's poor public transportation system which is still heavily discouraged by the once all-powerful motor industry.

Detroit (as always) has a handful of really good bands right now (See: X! Records). If you liked previous projects like Clone Defects, Reptile Forcefield and Human Eye you'll want to immediately check out the new double 7" released on Sacred Bones by Timmy's Organism. *Highly recommended!*

I arranged to speak with the singer/guitar player Timmy Lampinen aka Timmy Vulgar. A man with a reputation for gargling with house paint and once playing a set wearing a large squid on his head, but also a very talented song writer and performer. As far as I'm concerned every song written is an instant classic. The music is always really deranged, freaked out sounding but with an obvious gift for writing hooks that forgo typical cheese for a mouth full of mold instead. When I put a record on in my bedroom or while DJing there is nothing I want more than to have the speakers spew and spray blown out budget glitter tar with insane stream of consciousness lyrics. I'm a sucker for it. And records Timmy Vulgar's involved in always deliver.

To make things more interesting there's a twist to this interview.... when I was on a mini-tour last month with Grand Trine and TYVEK (another excellent band from Detroit) I had at that time yet to conduct the interview. We were in Quebec City one night when I mentioned my idea to Kevin (of Tyvek), the owner of the bar had just bought everyone in all the bands shots of some strange murky-to-clear alcohol and at that point any of the normal constraints a person might have on their imagination were sufficiently melted. He offered to just write the questions for me and scrawled out some doozeys. Some of the questions were destroyed as he excitedly tore out the paper but there were plenty of survivors. I wanted to scan it but I think its better just to push this mutant through my thighs and get it over with. Enjoy.

Kevin: What is the significance of the eyeball?

Timmy Vulgar: The Eyeball, Ive liked them sents i was like 13/14 years old. I use to
draw them all the time. I still do! I have an eyeball collection toys and halloween ones. I guess its been a fascination for cultures for thousands of years. Its even on the dollar bill dude!

Is pop culture war?

Im not sure what it is? I dont watch T.v. cuz i dont have cable cuz
its pretty mind numbing. I really have a disgust for most contemporary
celebertys. Ive declared war agianst pop culture! Slop verses Pop!!!

If you could live on another planet besides Earth, which planet
would you live on?

Earth is pretty good for now, Probably mars about a billion years ago.

Does Arizona count as a planet?

It does compared to michigan or even the mid west. Weird insects and
arachnids,reptiles poisonous snakes! I use to live there ya know!

Would you rather play in the Garden Bowl or the Magic Stick?


Urinals or Chrome? please explain.

Chrome! Way crazier! I heard Chrome first! Their Still ahead of their
time. Urinals rule though!

Do you actually like the band Crime or are they shit?

CRIME friggin rules also!

Can you turn into a wolf?

Yeah a lil jim beam or most whiskeys will help with that metamorphosis!

Are you human?


Please give the epileptix discography.

EPILEPTIX? lets see."the Kill yourself cassette"1995 "self hate
7inch"1997 "disco slut 7inch"1997 split w/the Druggies1997 and the
"Greatest Fits" LP.1999.

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