Monday, February 23, 2009


The best thing about pre-orders is that when you order enough records when yr drunk, you forget about some of them, and then they just show up months later. This record was one of them, and these are some tight jams... I missed the Gianna Michaels 7" that sweet rot put out a few months ago, which made me initially interested in these guys, but this record delivers in full force. Real skronky-assed french noise punk, not poutine-french, as I am used to these days. The cover is a big screen printed wolf face with bloody mouth and eyes and the back has pretty much any imaginable type of symbolism ever on it, from hieroglyphics to satanic imagery, swastikas, and a bunch of rock-on hands thrown in for good measure. It says it was recorded in a church in 1988, but I can't really say if that is true or not, who really cares. 7 tracks of driving bass riffs with insane guitar noise, everything sounds like it is stuck in some weird reverb chamber. I would say the last track, THANK YOU THANK YOU, is my favorite. Out on Gaffer records 2009. I would upload some pictures of it, but my computer won't turn on unless I boot it in windows "safe mode". It is honestly a blessing I even have the internet at this point.

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