Thursday, February 26, 2009


The debut Gary War LP, "New Raytheonport", on SHDWPLY last year was undeniably one of my top records of 2008, occupying a space and sound in music I frequently think about and entertain myself with, but rarely see occur. SACRED BONES, one of the best active labels, as far as I am concerned, presents this second offering in their first batch of 2009 releases. Bizarre time signature arrangements, weird fat synth tones, muddy vocals, This record makes me think I am playing F-Zero on super Nintendo, or perhaps more appropriately, SKY ROADS

1993. What a great year for video gaming. Anyways, I think that image gets the point across. Driving a space car at night(?) wearing sunglasses. Fuck yes. Gary War's sound draws comparisons, immediately to some of tape wizard R. Stevie Moore's earlier, more bizarre works, synth punk ala Tone Set, and from more recent times, Ariel Pink. The title track on this 7", "Zontag", is a high speed wash of upbeat synth melodies, almost out of control, but also managing to keep up with itself from start to finish. The B side, "Don't go out tonight" is a more laid back hazy bass riff jam out with a plethora of manipulated samples buried underneath the catchy synth melody and his melted vocal style.

Dude is prolific as well, he has at least another 3 or 4 releases planned in the near future, first being the "ANHEDONIC MAN" one sided 7", which is for pre-order on Hell, Yes! right now, ltd 300, with 100 copies coming with a backward version of the record as well, next being the "Galatic Citizens" LP scheduled to come out on Sacred Bones, and after that a 12" out on Captured Tracks! Get on it!

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