Tuesday, February 17, 2009

homework music, volume one


2 heavy hitters in the noise rock scene collab and come out with this record that sounds totally fuzzed and tripped out, while still laying down a heavy groove with makes each song move along at a smooth pace. This record literally sounds like what it is, the guys from Mouthus laying down some of their molten guitar/cyborg drum jams, with Yellow Swans adding amazing textures and drone-scapes over it. Too bad Yellow Swans are done, hopefully they will have hot new projects soon. Mouthus have a new LP on Ecstatic Peace very soon.

I bought this record about 5 years ago because 1) it was on gravity, 2) it had the drummer from Clikitat Ikatowi and 3) it was on sale for $5 at the local record store. Once I spun it, I quickly learned that this album is packed to the brim with 6 heavy, Sabbath-style instrumentals. This record also has Bill Scibbe on guitar and Jessica Ruffins (Lake of Dracula) on Bass. The drummer from this band, Mario now plays in Earthless. If anyone is into Earthless, Sea of Tombs are very similar to that band, but deliver a more weird, lo-fi sound, unlike Earthless which ghets into the "dude rock" territory pretty often.

You can watch a video for their song Glass Sun RIGHT HERE

Probably the most out there of all the Earth albums, due to its massive drones and total lack of any drums or beats. Literally sounds like two dudes at a party, with one guy jamming hard on sludge Sabbath guitar and the other dude on super low bass/synth grooves. This is one record that was definitely written to do stuff to…..such as homework, cleaning the house, buying yr groceries, etc. Earth’s first album, which features great guest vocals by Kurt Cobain, is also amazing and totally worth pushing the pencil to. Actually, pretty much all the Earth V1 material is pretty good. Will have to get on with it and check out the new Earth jams sometime.
Leave some COMMENTS for some other good homework jams. I mainly want stuff sans vocals so I can read better, but I’m a liberal dude, so I’ll take any rec’s.

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  1. mammal - let me die is pretty good to read and draw too