Tuesday, February 24, 2009

In Bed With J Mascis - A Zine

The rock crush is beyond logic , beyond reason and even beyond normal lust. I know , having been there myself more times than I'd like to admit , fixated on my band crushes even after they lost whatever looks they had . Some of those crushes lasted years and it was only sheer force of will (and sometimes woefully humiliating myself) that allowed me to get over it .

So , right off the bat , this series of chapbooks about rock lust on Disco Babel imprint , La Carte du Tendre , is right up my ally. I might not share the authors' crushes but I UNDERSTAND , man. I relate to these crushes that are often more about the brain than the body . Art than chemistry.

Benjamine Dorno's crush is J.Mascis. She joins his fan club , letters are exchanged and they become friends . His band crashes at her place and they swap postcards.

After a lull , they cross paths at a music festival , catch up on old times and she goes back to his hotel room. But J. can't/won't fuck. Instead he rub his cock on her leg and in her armpits before cumming on her back and thighs and passing out.

In the morning he smiles and gets in the van and that's it.

Does this serve as a teaser to make Benjamine become obsesed or does it repulse? We are left only with ambiguity and the hangover of touching stardom.

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In Bed With J.Mascis by Benjamine Dorno
Disco Babel ,Paris
22 pages - in french
Cover illustration : Frederick Fleury
Photos : Phillipe Dumez


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  1. Ha, what an amazing story! The general topic surrounding it is also super-intriguing.

    Tangent: I've never really liked much Dino Jr and am more familiar with earlier Sebadoh, but I do love the song "The Wagon," post-Barlow though it is. Sometimes I get a severe hankering for the melodic onrush of things like that or YouTube versions of Kiss' "Shout It Out Loud" or Thin Lizzy's "Jailbreak" (gotta have that one guy harmonizing over it, though!), even though I otherwise dislike or am bored by the rest of a band's oeuvre. Classic Rock Jams™ as comfort food, I guess.

  2. I've actually never really listened to dinosuar jr but was pretty into both sebadoh and the cuteness of lou barlou as a youth.