Saturday, February 14, 2009


CLOCKLEANER (OR: CLOCKCLEAN ER) – “Ready 2 Fight” LP (Fan Death).

Every so often, I am lucky enough to succumb to the guilty pleasure of “wanting” something for no other reason other than aesthetics alone. When CLOCKCLEANER’s “Babylon Rules” LP showed up at the local shop, I instantly found myself smiling at the completely unnecessary gatefold cover, which featured the three members faces with packaging tape wrapped around them, though mostly black otherwise. It was silly and absurd, but didn’t look lame at the same time, kind of like the LP itself: sort of like the Cramps or a Albini’d out Pussy Galore or something, but completely / legitimately disturbing, sleazy a bit, though ironically one of the most accessible releases I’ve heard on Load Records in a long time.

Well anyway, that’s is completely neither here nor there. Just a bunch of filler.

When I caught wind that, for whatever strange reason, Clockcleaner had been asked to open for Negative Approach, and that when doing so, they ended their set doing a 20 minute rendition of NA’s “Ready to Fight”, I was blown away and laughed about it sporadically for a day or two, until a short time later when I found out the cover was going to be released as a one-sided LP (appropriately titled “Ready 2 Fight”). (Then I pretty much died, and obviously sent the well deserved money to Fan Death Records for their premier release).

Although this is more than likely not something that will be pulled out very often to listen to, the sheer fact that such a perfect moment of absurdity was documented makes me feel very good. There’s something to be said about a band that’s playing in front of several hundred kids who probably really hate what they are doing already (do you really think the clientele of a Negative Approach reunion show wants to hear Clockcleaner at all?), and would then have the genius / guts to throw down a sloth like (the original is under two minutes), reverb soaked (the “Clockcleaner filter”), generally irritating rendition (unnecessary guitar leads / solos / feedback) of a song by the band they are being forced to sit through their annoyance to see. And then actually have it cut as an LP too? “Ready 2 Fight” indeed. (I can’t believe that not a single person in the building tried to physically stop them at some point). An “(LOL)” would have been a welcome addition to the title too.

Highly recommended with complete and deserved weariness.

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  1. blaamderson brought this over to my place recently and i swear i heard ornette colemanesque moments on there emerging from the feedback/reverb. it's pretty sick.

    i might try to tag along to see these guys' last ever show

  2. Clockclean Er will perform for the last time in public on April 18th 2009 at 1248 N Front st. Philadelphia, PA. There are 120 tickets available. If you wish to attend you must first send a cursory request to attend in writing to If you are allowed to attend you will be given a link and allowed to purchase 2 tickets. There is no guest list and we will keep a running tally of who and who is not allowed to attend. If you pass the ticket link onto a friend or simply purchase a ticket we will know you or outside party did not ask permission and you will be denied entry. Tickets on sale now. The supporting acts are Lamps, the Homostupids and Pink Reason.
    Thank you.


  3. indeed , i've been wanting to see the lamps and the homostupids for quite awhile.

    i'll cross my fingers that i have enough $$$ to make the trip and am *allowed* to attend.