Friday, February 6, 2009


since i don't buy 7"s too much anymore, about 90% of my 7" collection is stuff from the mid to late awesome time since grunge brought on the alernation. it was even better since the net wasnt huge yet so people still had fun checking out new music (making PAPER zines, listening to late night radio shows, making piles of cd's to listen to at local indie store).

i'm gonna do a series of posts about random 90s 7"s i have and i might try to track down the band peeps for a few questions, so if anyone has any questions about the songs, recording, art, etc, of any of these 7"s, please post a comment so i can try to ask them.

the cupid car club mp 7" (first post nou project, i like this more than any make-up)

huggy bear "rubbing the impossible to burst" 7" (1st7 7", not on the 10" comp they did)

six finger satellite "live at the a.c.i" 7" ("live", community service sentance session)

honeywell "electric kool-aid" 7" (one of the best punk/hxc type 7"s of the 90s in my opinion)

godheadSilo "thee friendship village e.p." 7" (the original heavy bass drum bros, krs)

the catholic church "sad magician" 7" (guys from young pioneers and monorchid...go sludge)

crainium s.t 7" (future members of gang gang dance and totally I N T E N S E)

the dead c "vs. sebadoh" 7" (dead c hardcore mini album on a fucking 7")

lake of dracula "krs singles" 7" (with a bassist and tom smith participating)

corrections "krs singles" 7" (billy from bikini kill dropping detuned death jams)


  1. I like nearly all those records quite a lot, too, but this is the real halcyon age right now.

  2. rick - that's what i keep telling him. uncle mark needs the present , it's very exciting.

    on a vaguely amusing note , there's this TERRIBLE " novel" called tales of a punk rock nothing i bought years ago in a fit of punk related book purchases (it's one of the worst books i've ever read so don't bother) the main character slams that ccc single for not being political.

    fuck politics , i want good songs!

  3. Oh, I remember people who didn't like anything that wasn't deadly serious and political. It's a funny phase kids go through sometimes where music for the sake of "fun" is unacceptable. I might've even flirted briefly with this attitude myself in the early 90s...back when I was at more than a few HC shows at Gilman Street. I think I gave that attitude up for good a few songs into a Man Is the Bastard show where the band was on-stage for about 90 minutes, but two thirds of that was lecturing us about the meaning behind the lyrics. And this wasn't your typical "preaching to the choir"...we, the choir, were getting excoriated.

  4. h
    i actually felt pretty alienated for much of the 90's because of that.. ottawa , where i'm from , was a real hotbed for that. it seemed to suck alot of spark and fun outta music.
    i actually got blasted for wearing a butthole surfers shirt.

    funnily enough , when i run into those people now it seems they not only abandoned thier politics , but music too.

  5. Fucking hell, I love huggy bear. I havent got that 7" though, I do have the one that the guy from Heroin put out on his label, it's all handmade sleeve and lovely.
    What I really want to know, is what the hell are they doing now? It seems they imploded just when they hit their peak, musically. I can understand how that would happen, but people like Tobi Vail and Bratmobile members have stayed pretty visable, they seem to have gone into hiding.
    When I was a snotty 18 year old living in an old sunday school building (unlawfully) with 15 vegan anarchists and weirdos, I discovered these songs and they really spoke to me about my life at that time. They are designed to motivate you in some way, the same way good hardcore makes you really believe in the power of kids and noise. They were heart on sleeve. It doesnt get any more unpretentious than that.

    They managed to be serious and political AND fun and niave and exciting at the same time.

    Yeah, I love Huggy Bear. Good luck finding them.

  6. Chloe - you grew up with Shotmaker, so anything you have to say must be taken in with a grain of salt. (though, I love salt, so....).

    Some great singles in this post! I loved the Cranium, it took me years to track down a copy of the 7" they did. Turned out it was because Ono collectors had been crawling the Earth for it cause of the cover. I guess after all those nutzos found copies of their own, the value dropped back down to nothing. (Thank goodness). That CD they did is full of wild shit, and the aesthetics alone on the Make-Up split absolutely kill me, it's perfect looking. that being said: I have loved Gang gang Dance for years and never knew they were related until reading this.

    And: Catholic Church! That same label did a great Fast Forward 7" way before all his excursions into public indecency and assault. However, I must say, I prefer my CC with a helping of Sam McPheters as Patrick Henry!!!